Antifouling removal


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24 May 2011
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First post on here so hello to all :)

Ok so antifouling removal here goes... I'll point out I am a body refinisher by trade and when it comes to harmful products, dust and such like I've had my fair share of H&S and warnings, I work with it 39 hours a week. Wash primer (carcinogenic) Polyester body filler again (carcinogenic) 2k paint products contain a high amount of Isocyanates witch have been proven to produce again carcinogenic side affects, also long term exsposure can lead to memory loss, mental impairment and the user is also at risk from Isocyanates entering the body from the skin, so its nice stuff :rolleyes:

Yesterday my old man and myself, got nearly half of our 23ft sports cruiser sanded down in 80 gritt using a da and 80 gritt (dry) various marina staff and other boat owners walking past all day... having got just under half the boat back down to the orginal gel coat and perfect and imperfection free, being in the body trade unfortunatly its a **** job to me unless its perfect when it comes to prep.

So when we got home I desided to look how other people are getting on this summer with doing the same to their boats, I then find that dry sanding antifouling is a no no (even though people still do it)

Let me just point out now, I cant exspress my frustration enough that no one bloody knows why dry sanding antifouling is bad for you, it just is... long term I intend to get our H&S guy and our paint supplies to do a investigation in to this and find out EXSTALLY why its bad for you, and the risks in exsposure times...

I'm not saying its a good idea, infact its stupid thats for certain but all of us at work plenty of times have thought "yeh sod it ill just jump in the booth qwick and wack this last coat of clear on, sod the mask I'll hold my breath" and some of the blokes have done this for some 20+ years, it is clear and well documented why isocyanates are bad for you, and they are considerd extremely high risk, yet in america sprayers (go and watch pimp my ride) go plowing in to a booth drenching panels in more evil stuff than we use (its band in the UK now) in a short and t-shirt wearing just a cartridge type face mask!

and just to close this rant (I wont be dry sanding today) But to say I'm bloody anoyed at how little info there is on this!

I think users are at risk quite frankly if its ocupational and exsposed to it frequently