£399 air heaters on Ebay anyone had one?


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6 Jun 2001
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Yes, that's the one, a kind of copy of an old Webasto 2000 which makes it unsuitable for most boats over about 26 feet in my book anyway, not CE certified and very poor quality control with fan catching on poorly moulded hood, CO & CO2 levels quite high for a diesel heater, though only a sample of one I was not impressed especially as they knew who it was coming to. Warranty and parts would obviously be an issue too and the 2.7% duty + 20% VAT bumps up the price. Mikuni UK now do a similar unit but wih much better quality and obviously the service, warranty and parts supply are up to the old now defunct Mikuni heaters standard. I have fitted a couple of the 5kw ones after having one on test for a while and was more than satisfied, as are the users I believe. Their 9kw water heater from the same source is a corker!
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