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Sailonline - Sailing NavSim - 2017 Q1 Race Calendar


4 Jul 2012
Sailonline is going from strength to strength with some amazing buddy-ups with real races and for 2017 its Race Committee has created an excellent calendar.

Links and information about the 2017 Championships for Ocean races, Timed races, Sprint Races and other special series can be found on the homepage at www.sailonline.org.

There are frequent, sociable pre-race practice events during early evenings where you can hone your skills and ask any questions.

Many sailors now use the latest routing software and there are many happy to help and advise on how to become familiar with this - via an NMEA proxy it is possible to import your boat track into a router and together with the relevant race polar and current NOAA grib file you can calculate a pretty decent course!

Come and join in - it's all free!