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Red Ensign Group - Jolly



Have you seen the MCA site and details of the REG meeting ?

Cayman islands for a few days to discuss "internet, and things"

Sounds like a nice place for a meeting, im sure it was very hard work!


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30 Nov 2002
Not really.

I don't think that is really fair; the Red Ensign Group does exist and fills a real need which is trying to maintain at least some sort of credibility in resisters of merchant ships which for historical reasons fly the red ensign. There have been several scandals in the recent past, and there are now fewer of them thanks to the work of this group.

They can't have all their meetings in Southampton; that would smack too much of colonialism. Personally, I am sick to death of foreign business trips in the shipping industry, having been to Greece Norway and France in the past three weeks with Denmark next week and if you think these are jollies you can have my job....