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Bad start to the season for someone in Milford


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21 Nov 2011
Boat in Milford Haven
Rather a nice yacht broke its mooring yesterday and washed up at Hazelbeach. Anybody know if it's been recovered?

From Angle RNLI:

"Angle Lifeboat crew were paged at 14:07 today to reports of a yacht that had broken its moorings and was just off Hazelbeach. With winds gusting up to 58 knots and a one meter swell there was concern that someone would try to reach the vessel using a dinghy as she was so close to shore.
The lifeboat quickly covered the short distance to Hazelbeach. On arrival at the scene the wind and ebbing tide meant the yacht was already well aground. After discussion with the coastguard Angle Lifeboat and her crew were stood down and returned to the lifeboat Station, rehousing at 15:00."