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Any thoughts on this classic boats value?


New member
3 May 2021
Hi I'm considering buying a 1960s outboard boat. It has had only one owner and always garaged. About 180 hours total. All original and everything looks pretty much brand new and works as new. Has a Merc 110 (original and purrs like a cat) I think I could buy it for around $4k US. Do these have any value? Looks like a fun lake boat for me and kids but not sure if it is overpriced and there are no comps to compare it to.

Thanks for any advice.



Well-known member
25 Aug 2003
On the Clyde
Unless you particularly want an old engine(there is a classic boat/engine scene for afficionados) you may find the difficulty getting spares frustrating. In terms of value to you what is it giving you that a modern equivalent wouldn't?


Well-known member
4 May 2007
Cambridge, UK
It's not like Classic Cars - there's only a tiny (to non-existent) collector's market, so you don't get premium prices for an older boat. People indulge in older boats for all sorts of reasons, but value isn't one of them. I don't know much about that kind of sports boat, but $4,000 sounds way over the top for a 1960's boat of any kind. What is the material? If it's wood, expect it to be in poor condition; even if it was garaged, the glue etc. will have deteriorated. Parts for the engine could be a problem; again there's no collectors market for marine engines. If it's GRP, remember that that technology was in its infancy in the 60s. Worth bearing in mind that for that money you could (easily) buy a very competent ocean-crossing yacht in ready-to-go condition.

PS, on consideration I'd have trouble justifying HK$4,000 - and they're about 10 to the pound!


Well-known member
13 Dec 2019
A very old outboard is. ... old. It just doesn't come close to a newer one.
If it had never been used I still wouldn't give more than a few hundred for an ancient outboard. No one wants them.
Old engines are often on old tatty boats because that's all that is within the owners budget.
A harder call on the boat as a rare few do like the stylings of 1960,s boats.