Yanmar GM10 engine and gearbox for spares or repair


11 Feb 2014
I have a project that is taking up space in my garage which now has to go.

When I bought my boat I replaced the engine as the original did not seem to have any compression. I though it as the usual problem with the Yanmars and the elbow had gone and corroded the cylinder head.

However, I have partially stripped the engine down at home and the elbow looks ok but have I have not tested it. I have also taken the head off and the exhaust port looks ok.

The two lower oil pipes (below the water pump) have definitely rotted but that is all I can see at the moment.

I was going to rebuild the engine and then sell it on but I now need the space in my garage and I am running out of time for other projects that have to take precedence.

I could strip the engine and sell all the individual components but I thought I would offer it up as a whole on here first, if anyone was interested

The engine also comes with a 2:2.1 (I Think!!) gearbox so I was looking for about £300 ono.

I am located in South Essex and the engine would be collection only but I would be prepared to help transport it up to about 10 miles or so.

if you need any other pictures or information please ask.


11 Mar 2003
Tayport, Fife
Hi Steve - if you do strip the engine i'd be interested in the bottom end on its own.....i've got an elderly 1gm that i quite fancy upgrading to a 1gm10 and should be able to use all the bits and bobs from the 1gm.