Yamaha 5hp outboard propeller


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28 Jul 2010
South Carelia, Finland

Well, to follow on from my previous threads my "new" Yamaha 2str 5hp longshaft arrived today. According to the date code it was made in 1989.

All seems to be as it should, indeed it does look to have been very little used.

I do have a couple of small questions however - the first is that the propeller is a little loose on the shaft. I've looked at the manual I found on Yamaha's website, and it seems there should be a washer between the propeller and propeller nut, that is missing on my outboard. If there were such a washer, the prop would be held snugly against the shear pin and there wouldn't be any looseness.

The question is, is this just a regular washer - ie can I simply measure what's required and use a (stainless?) one from an ironmongers, or is it some kind of special washer?

The second question is, the pitch is 7½x8. How does this sound for this motor with a 450kg 17' trailer sailer?


By the way I don't intend keeping that split pin ;)



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13 Jul 2002
Unlikely I would think to be anything other than a plain stainless steel washer.

Regarding the prop you'll probably need the smallest pitch prop available for the engine, although a smaller pitch will result in increasing the revs, which you may prefer not to do.

Yamaha may have offered a high thrust prop with broad blades (and a small pitch) but the blades in your photo look pretty broad so possibly that is a high thrust one.
I suggest you try it with the prop fitted. If you find it unsatisfactory then look into whatever might be available. No sense in fixing a problem that does not exist.
I predict that you will find it OK!