XM 4 Person Rescue Raft - £100


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27 Sep 2004
Having just traded up from a trailer sailer to a new 31' yacht I have bought a new Seago Liferaft. I therefore have my existing XM rescue raft for sale.

The XM Rescue Raft is a small (I am not sure exactly how small) single tube raft with no canopy. It has partial gas infation that then has to be topped up manually. It is not a full liferaft but in its packed form is very small (maybe 18" long by about 6" wide by about 12" high) and light. It was the only product that I could find that was small enough to fit in my 24' trailer sailor so may suit a similar or smaller sized inshore/coastal local sailor.

It was new in 1998 and has been regularly serviced by Messenger Marine since then. The next service is due in May 2005. As far as I can see it is still appears to be in good condition. It has always lived down below or in a shallow cockpit locker (only when underway) and has been stored at home in winter. It cost £400 when new.

£100 anyone? Buyer collects from East Hertfordshire or possibly Portsmouth/Gosport area.

I can pm a photo (of it packed in its bag) to anyone who is interested. I can no longer find any trace of it when searching the web so I can't point at any more details.


15 Jul 2004
Also interested, also trailer sailors.
No canopy? can you give any more info at all? Presume it is not just like a lilo!
Please forward the photo of it packed.
Many thanks