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16 May 2001
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Nauticalia had a couple of young ladies who were displaying the new generation of satellite digital receivers and offering them as the "latest solution" to receiving weather info offshore. With an appropriate interface, according to the duo it is possible to receive weather charts on a Pc through the data port on the Digiceiver.

These sets seem to have crept into Maplins and MES Ltd the chandlers and are around £135 each.

Does anyone have any further info? The Worldspace site ( shows predominately southern hemisphere cover although their "aiming guide " gives instructions for Europe.

Seems like a good way to receive BBC World Service as the reception in the S & E Med is getting awful. Any thoughts?

Steve Cronin


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18 Nov 2001
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Only available for subscribers in Kenya and East Africa (??) apparently. The satelites have 40 line-of-sight channels each capable of up to 128kbs. Assuming that there is enough demand, then one or other channel might be used to transmit weather charts - but - can you see yourself being able to point the receiver accurately and steadily from the deck of a boat for the several minutes it would take to load one chart?