Windboats Pearly Monarch


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30 Mar 2005

I wonder if anyone can help, I have a Windboats Pearly Monarch from the mid 60's. It is a flat bottom rivetted aluminium hull. I think it would have had a Stern Drive originaly but it now has a dowty marine waterjet fitted with a Bownman ford petrol engine.

I wonder if anyone can direct me to any web links that might tell me more about these boats. or if anyone can tell me about it or clear up some questions.
Over which years were these Pearly Monarchs made ?
Would anyone have any old sales literature?
What would the original engine / drive had been?
Who would have fitted & why would a waterjet have been fitted?
Are there many of these still about?

I'm new to this so please forgive me if i'm asking daft questions.


Steve Grimwood.


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29 Oct 2003
(Me) Thames (Boat) South Coast
A friend of mine had one of these, on the Thames a Shepperton. He has sold it now but I still see it around. Can't answer your questions but his had a Volvo 110HP 4 cyl petrol engine and sterndrive. (they also made a 100hp version) He thought this to be original. I will ask him next time I see him if he has ant info as he was really into it. By the way I have a Pearly Miss. Smaller and without the roof.