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Issued: 1030 Thursday 28th April 2005

Low pressure is going to be between Scotland and Iceland through Friday. This is fairly deep and will have strong winds associated with it, these affecting northern Scotland. High pressure building across southern France, with a ridge building into the south of the UK and Ireland. A complication is caused by a weak warm front lying west to east through the English Channel on Friday, and this is going to be moving slowly northwards.
Scotland will have a breezy day with sunny spells and showers. The showers are going to be heavy at times in the northwest of Scotland with a risk of hail and thunder.
Lighter winds and more scattered showers over southern Scotland and Northern Ireland.
For most of Ireland, Wales and England there will be lighter winds and mist and fog patches in the morning. These clearing and then most of Friday should be dry with some good spells of sunshine.
Cloud increasing along the southern coasts of Cornwall and Devon bringing outbreaks of drizzle in the afternoon and evening. Decreasing visibility here.
Winds will be SSW-SW 7-10kt (F3) in most southern areas, but SW 20-30kt (F6-F7) in northern Scotland.

Low pressure to the west and north of the country. High pressure in the western Mediterranean, with a ridge extending northwards through the British Isles and Ireland. An area of moister air moving northwards across western Wales and England, associated with a warm front passing northwards through Ireland, Wales and western England.
A dull and damp start to the day in western areas bringing drizzle and rain here with mist and fog on the coasts. More inland parts of England and Wales are likely to start dull and misty, but the cloud should break and the mist clear with good sunny spells then coming through, leading to a fine afternoon.
Scotland will have cloud and outbreaks of rain in the south, but the north will be fair with sunny periods.
Winds will be S 12kt (F4) increasing S 15-18kt (F5) in southwest Ireland.

A deepening low to the north of the Azores, and this is going to be throwing front northwards. Ahead of the cold front approaching western Ireland will be a trough passing into Wales and western England in the afternoon.
The effect of the trough is going to be to bring some thundery showers, or even an hour or two of heavy bursts of rain through Wales, the western Midlands and southwest England, these may reach eastern England later in the afternoon or evening. Most of northern England and Scotland should be dry with sunny spells.
A caveat on this forecast though is to watch out for the risk of the showers becoming more widespread. I'm not sure how widespread the showers will be and with some very warm temperatures in the south more widespread storms could form.
Winds will be S-SSE 10kt (F3), becoming 12-18kt (F4-F5)in the west.


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