Which cooker? gas, parafinn or--


10 Jun 2004
crusing with an Arpège
Once again during winter this morning, i changed my gas cooker for a parafin one, having blackend everything and had to wait hours for my tea, i went and got a new bottle of gas.
But as im looking for a folkboat i found a lot of dicussion about which meths cooker is the best? seems folboat owners dont use gas?? Now at the moment i have plenty of room for a large French and Italian gas bottle, but when i find and move aboard my folkboat i wont! And camping gas isent really practical?

So today i looked online at cookers what about a petrol cooker? after all a folkboat has an out board, and alcohol is very odd and just as explosive-yes water puts out a fire but an alcohol fires still bad, i know as from time to time my cabin sole catches fire when i spill alcohol lighting my cabin heater!!
Does anyone use a petrol cooker aboard??
After all its not so far to go for petrol and at least in Italy the gas depots are getting further from the port.
Are there petrol cookers with a grill?? or only gas stoves? in which case whats the best way of making toast and grilling cheese without???


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19 Jan 2005
A Diesel stove is best ..... But probably not on a Folk Boat. On my 35 footer I have an Origo Meths stove. Smakk, Hot Clean and simple. The Meths reserviours are leak proof and safe to fill.

No doupt in my mind, if I cant get a Diesel stove have the Origo meths stove.