Where can I buy an Aluminium mast eye


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12 Mar 2007
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I need to put a small eye at the base of my mast to secure it to the keel step in case of rig failure (another racing requirement) Does anyone know where I can buy an aluminium eye suitable for riveting?


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28 Jul 2003
West Australia
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I have never owned a keel stepped mast but have seen a few masts come down. This is something I have never thought of but I can see the logic that if the mast is broken below the lower stays the bottom half may be propelled sideways or backwards inside the cabin. I imagine then that it should be tethered in some way. I would think a saddle rivetted or bolted to the mast with a piece of wire to a strong point is what is needed. The kick could be quite powerfull. So why does it have to be aluminium? Normally Al fittings are fabricated and welded on.
Of course the fitting has to be able to fit out through the hole in the deck when removing mast. Perhaps a lassoo of wire around the mast which is restrained from slipping off the bottom would do. Mast is most likely to kick sideways with some fore and aft movement.
All this assumes the mast will escape from its normal keel attachment. Just thinking allowed. I would be pleased to hear more about the requirement. olewill
PS perhaps a hole through both sides of the mast with a strap fed through.