When is the Margate air show?


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19 Jan 2004
Muckle Flugga
says its cancelled here

Kent Air Show, Margate *CANCELLED*
The Kent Air Show, Margate that was to take place at Palm Bay, Margate in Kent on Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th June 2007 has now been cancelled.

The Kent Air Show, Margate will not take place this year, but will return in 2008. It comes after the show organisers informed Thanet District Council that they would not be able to take any financial risk over the event. This would mean the Council having to underwrite the Air Show by £300,000 this year. In previous year, the underwriting had been just £30,000.

The decision about whether to hold the Air Show this year had to be taken now, as the RAF were due to finalise their flying schedule in the next few days and aircraft had already been provisionally allocated to Margate.

Cllr. Roger Latchford, Cabinet Member for Commercial Services, said: “Over the last couple of months, we have been working exceptionally hard on the Air Show and trying to ensure that it happens in 2007. Unfortunately the sad fact is that the underwriting required for the event this year would be ten times the amount of previous years and we can’t take that risk with taxpayers’ money. The Council can provide some underwriting, but we need a commercial operator to take the remainder of the risk. That hasn’t proved possible for this year, as our event organisers no longer have the resources to provide that commitment, but we are already working towards putting the Kent Air Show Margate on in 2008 and are talking to other operators.”