Whale galley pumps - leaky tops


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30 Aug 2001
Does anybody know how to stop Whale galley pumps (the plunger type - Mks 5 & 6 as fitted to Hunter boats etc) leaking copiously throgh the top glands on the up stroke. You can get refurbishing kits for them but these cost about £6 a time because you have to buy all the seals etc rather than just the top one which is the only one that ever needs replacing - which it does at very short intervals.

Alternatively is there a better pump that will fit in the same place ?

Thanks, JimC.


I have had the same problem. An electric pump appeared to make it worse and I have now fitted a lower power one. Whale said the manual pump was designed to be used with such pumps. The smaller one has lead to a more or less leek free year. But there is some leaking so it was clearly not the whole problem or cure. Whale replaced my 3 rd pump after I replaced the original one and in turn added a third one so as to have a replacement ready to swap a leaking one over as with the stronger pump they were useless by mid season. I have also found if you use pumped water a slight hand pressure as it starts helps, it stops the pump handle rising but why I have no idea.

Your solution depends on the space you have, as there are many different pumps available. West (the US supplier) has a very good range. A further option is, pump pressure is making things worse, is to add just a spout from the pump feed. You will need one way valves and the water will need to be split before the pump. But in my case I don't have the space to replace the Whale pump or a spout.