westerly fulmar ?



can anybody give me any advice on boats which are between 36 to 40 feet
because i am looking for a good quality sail boat which is seaworthy and is
sturdy . but i find that the boat i really like is the westerly fulmar .it seems to have everthing i need .but they seem so exspensive to buy .so does anyone know
of any boats with the same quality at a cheaper price thanks for any help you can give giffy.
ps or does anybody know were there is a fulmar at the right price


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16 May 2001
Looks like you're asking for the impossible. You want a boat with the same build quality as the Fulmar - I don't know what criteria you measure build quality - but you want one between 4' and 8' bigger. Fulmar's don't come cheap as they are in demand and if you want a larger boat for the same price then you're going to have to get one a fair bit older. Older boats come with their own problems and you'll almost certainly have to spend some more cash on repairs or refurbishment. If you find a cheap Fulmar then the same applies. Some French boats will compete on price with the Fulmar e.g. First 345 or Jeanneau Sunrise. If you're not a member of the XSC , ( Xenophobes Sailing Club ), then you might look at these but you'll find they come with a different set of sailing characteristics. Only you can tell if they are acceptable by sailing them. Unfortunately you don't get something for nothing.