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6 Mar 2003
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Issued: 1100 Thursday 14th April 2005

An unsettled day with a complex area of low pressure extending through France and into England and Wales. An occluded front is expected through northern England and Wales, this slipping eastwards. A trough through central Scotland and Northern Ireland will move east.
There will be plenty of cloud through northern England, Wales and the Midlands as well as parts of southwest England. Periods of rain here, this heavy at times over northern England. Heavy showers may form across the southern Midlands and southeast England with thunderstorms and a risk of hail here.
Scotland and Northern Ireland will have cloud and showery rain, although the north of Scotland and western Ireland will be brighter.
Winds will be light and variable over central and eastern England, mainly N-NE 20-25kt (F6) across Ireland, west Wales and Scotland as well as parts of northern England.

Low pressure deepens as it moves into northern Italy today. An occluded front extends through northern England and Scotland, although a ridge of high pressure is expected to build across Ireland and the west of the United Kingdom. Overnight an occluded front moves eastwards, crossing Ireland in the afternoon.
Periods of drizzle over northern England and southern Scotland at first. This slowly breaking with sunny spells coming through. Mist and fog patches at first in southern England and Wales as well as Ireland. These should clear allowing a bright day with sunny spells. The best of the sunshine in eastern Ireland and western Wales. later on in the day rain moves into western Ireland.
Winds will be variable 5 to 8kt (F2-F3), becoming S 12-15kt (F4) in western Scotland later.

Low pressure to the south of Iceland will be the controlling factor on the weather through Sunday. An occluded front moves eastwards through the British Isles.
South-eastern parts of England may be bright at first with sunny spells and dry conditions. However, thicker cloud and rain will be spreading from the west to be affecting much of the country. Brighter weather with showers into western Ireland later.
Winds will be S 15-25kt (f5) ahead of the front, becoming SSW 15-20kt (F5) behind it, then W 15kt (F4) in western Ireland later.