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6 Mar 2003
Hello again,

Well, this chilly, settled period of weather looks set to come to an end through Friday. Cold winds sinking southwards through the country, bringing wintry showers and then a return to milder southwest winds next week.

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Issued: 2030 Thursday 10th March 2005

Fridays weather is going to be dominated by low pressure centred over southern Sweden. A brisk northwest wind is going to be affecting much of the country, with a cold front moving southwards across Scotland, northern England and Northern Ireland in the morning, then crossing the rest of the country through the afternoon and evening.
Plenty of cloud around for many places. The cold front will be active and so rain is expected through much of Scotland and northern England on Friday morning. This is going to be turning to snow as the front clears southwards, with wintry showers following for the afternoon.
More southern parts of England will have outbreaks of light rain in the morning, and southern Ireland as well and southwest England should be dry.
However, cloud and rain will be spreading from the north for the afternoon.
Winds NW 15-20kt (F5) ahead of the front, becoming NNW 20-25kt (F6) behind it, although 30-35kt (F7-F8) in northern and eastern Scotland later.

A northwest flow across the whole country through Saturday, with high pressure to the west and low pressure over southern Scandinavia. The resulting "squeeze" will bring gale s to much of Scotland and eastern England. An old, occluded front is expected across eastern and northern Scotland.
For northern and eastern Scotland it may be a wintry day with persistent snow showers leading to blizzard conditions on the hills. Snow showers are also expected to affect northeast England.
Northern Ireland, western Scotland, northwest England and Wales the wintry showers will be more scattered, although always a risk of a heavy one in the north. More southern parts of England, Wales and Ireland will have sunny spells and although always a risk of a shower, these should be quite scattered.
Winds will be NW 15-20 (F5) but NNW 30-40 (F8) across Scotland and eastern England.

A stronger ridge of high pressure is expected to build across Ireland and western Wales on Sunday. At the same time low pressure will be drifting close to Shetland, with the occluded front and stronger winds still close to northern Scotland.
For most of Ireland, Wales and southern England the day will be cool and mainly dry. Always the risk of a wintry shower, but for most places it should remain largely dry.
The risk of showers increases for northern England, western Scotland and Northern Ireland. The highest risk of snow is across Scotland, where there may be stronger winds and frequent snow or snow showers through the day. Blizzards may again occur over the hills.
Winds will be NW 12-15kt (F4) but NW 25-35kt (F6-F8) across northern and eastern Scotland.