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6 Mar 2003
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Hi All,

One weekend away from Easter, and the weather is not looking bad.

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Issued: 0900 Thursday 29th March 2007

FRIDAY ( see http://www.wetterzentrale.de/pics/Rtavn241.png and http://www2.wetter3.de/Fax/bracknell+24.gif )
A complex area of low pressure over central France, with high pressure centred to the northwest of Scotland. There will be a front across southern parts of England, with a weaker front over northern Scotland.
Southern parts of England are likely to have plenty of cloud, with periods of rain at times. This is going to be light at first, but it does look as if late in the morning and into the afternoon an area of more persistent rain will track westwards, affecting areas south of, roughly, the M4. Elsewhere through England and Wales lots of cloud and a few spots of rain, although western parts of Wales should be drier. There may be a few bright spells coming through in the afternoon, but the sunshine could trigger showers. For northern England there could be patchy rain on the hills in the morning, with a few showers coming along in the afternoon. Cloud too across Scotland and Ireland, with a chance of some light rain over the Scottish hills.
Winds mainly NE 15-20 (F4-F5).

SATURDAY ( see http://www.wetterzentrale.de/pics/Rtavn481.png and http://www2.wetter3.de/Fax/bracknell+48.gif )
The complex low drifting through France and Iberia on Saturday, with high pressure centred over Scotland. A weak front still through southwest England and the English Channel, extending into northern France.
For southern coasts, and the whole of southwest England it will be a cloudy morning with some outbreaks of rain. Most of the rain will be light and patchy, although this is likely to fade away from all but the southwest of England later in the day. Rather cloudy at first over the rest of England and eastern Wales, breezy too. It should brighten into the afternoon, although eastern areas always prone to cloud.
For west Wales, northwest England, Scotland and most of Ireland cloud is going to be well broken with sunny spells coming through, after some mist and fog patches in the morning.
Winds mainly NE 18-25 (F5-F6) but gusting 25-30kt (F6-F7) on exposed eastern coasts. Nearer NE 5-12kt (F3) over most of Scotland.

SUNDAY ( see http://www.wetterzentrale.de/pics/Rtavn721.png and http://www2.wetter3.de/Fax/bracknell+72.gif )
High pressure into Scotland on Sunday with a sharp northeast wind blowing through much of England and Wales. A weak front along southern coasts too.
There could be some outbreaks of rain affecting the far south coasts of England, thanks to that weak front. Elsewhere through England and Wales it will be windy with some morning cloud, but these gradually burning back to the east coasts. For Ireland and Scotland there will be broken cloud in the morning, but this breaking allowing sunny spells to come through.
Winds NE 20-30kt (F6-F7) but VRB 5-8kt (F2-F3) through Scotland.