Weekend Weather Forecast 4/3/11


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6 Mar 2003
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I’m looking forward to Sailing Weather School being held at the Royal Southampton Yacht Club tomorrow. I will be taking Weather School on the road again later in the year. Plenty of you have emailed asking for a course in Scotland so I will look to arrange this, and after the Southampton course proving so popular I will try to fit another in there too. Let me know if you are interested in either of these.

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Issued: 1400 Friday 4th March 2011

High pressure is going to be situated to the north of Scotland on Saturday, with a cold front pushing southwest through Ireland, Wales, the Midlands and southern England during the day.
Generally it will be a cloudy day with front bringing a fair amount of cloud with it and some outbreaks of mainly light rain. The rain will be focused on the Pennines in the morning, and then drifts into the Midlands and high ground of Wales through the afternoon, before reaching southeast England I the evening.
As the afternoon progresses breaks are expected in the cloud over Scotland and northwest England. . However, northeast England will tend to stay cloudy.
Once of the most favoured areas for sunshine on Saturday will be southwest England.
Visibility will be moderate at times in mist ahead of the front, but should become good behind it.
Winds mainly ENE 10-14kt (F3-F4) ahead of the front, backing NE 8-12kt (F3-F4) behind it.


The area of high pressure gets ‘squeezed’ to the south of the country through Sunday as front flow into western Scotland.
My thoughts right now are that cloud is going to be more broken through Sunday for most of the UK and Ireland, with a better chance of most of us seeing some sunny spells. There may be more cloud along southern coasts of England and across the southwest, although it should stay dry.
Thicker cloud associated with the warm front may reach western Scotland, bringing a few spots of rain here, although confidence in this is low.
Winds will be mainly in the E or SE 8-12kt (F3-F4) but perhaps 17-19kt (F5) offshore in the English Channel. Becoming mainly S-SW 9-12kt (F3-F4 over northern England and southern Scotland, SW 20-25kt (F5-F6) in western Scotland later.




14 Feb 2004
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Land of the midnight sun

Interested to see its sunny and clear at 00:01 Sun.

Forecast from GFS model for The Solent:
Data based on GFS model updated: Fri 04 March 2011 11:43
Time Direction Speed Sky state Precip Visibility Waves Temp Pressure
6pm Fri E 7kt Sunny/Clear Dry 12.4nm 1.1m 1C 1031mb
00:01am Sat N' 7kt Sunny/Clear Dry 12.4nm 0.9m -1C 1031mb
6am Sat N' 8kt Sunny/Clear Dry 12.4nm 0.9m -2C 1030mb
Midday Sat E 11kt Broken Cloud Dry 12.3nm 1.0m 7C 1031mb
6pm Sat E 11kt Broken Cloud Dry 10.8nm 1.1m 5C 1031mb
00:01am Sun E 11kt Sunny/Clear Dry 9.4nm 1.4m 0C 1033mb
6am Sun E 8kt Sunny/Clear Dry 12.4nm 1.4m -1C 1033mb
6pm Sun E 8kt Sunny/Clear Dry 12.4nm 1.4m 2C 1033mb
6am Mon E 7kt Sunny/Clear Dry 12.4nm 1.3m -2C 1034mb