Weekend Weather Forecast 29/4/09


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The Bank Holiday weekend is almost upon us, so I thought you might like the forecast a day earlier than usual!

Weatherweb.net has been updated and now carries many more forecasts. I am working on adding more too. There are now:
• Surface frontal charts to 5 days ahead
• Detailed wind forecast charts for regions of the UK to 5 days ahead
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• Month Ahead and Seasonal forecasts
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Onto the weekend forecast, and if you know anyone who’d like to receive this email each week just tell them to send a request to join to sailingweather-subscribe@weatherweb.net

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Issued: 1500 Wednesday 29th April 2009

High pressure is going to be building through the day, destroying the remains of an occluded front as it clears from southeast England. A relatively unstable airmass over western Scotland and Northern Ireland is going to allow some showers to form through the day.
There will be cloud around in the south of the country in the morning, that cloud associated with the occluded front as it clears to the southeast. Following behind are clearer skies associated with the high, although there may be some mist and fog patches at first inland on Saturday morning. These will be clearing to leave the day fine for most of England, Wales and southern Ireland.
Showers will be affecting western Scotland and parts of Northern Ireland in the morning, and these showers will become heavier and more persistent into the afternoon with a risk of thunder. Eastern areas will be drier, although even here there is the risk of a shower.
Winds will be light and variable to the southwest, mainly W-SW 5-10kt (F3) across central areas, but a SW 17-20kt (F5-F6) for northern Scotland. Sea breezes may develop around the coasts of Wales, East Anglia and southern England.


It is all a bit of a mess on Sunday! High pressure remains dominant through Sunday across southern England. A weak trough will move east overnight, and a weak occluded front is probably going to be through western Scotland and the Irish Sea in the afternoon.
Current indications are that there could be some showers around the southeast at first on Sunday, but these will only be light and are just the remains of a trough. A further area of cloud and patchy rain may affect western Scotland, northwest England and the north coasts of Wales. For much of England and Wales it should be dry with some sunny spells, and as the morning progresses the rain in the west will be fading away. The best of the sunshine for southern England.
Thicker cloud again for western Scotland and Northern Ireland with some patchy rain here and there.
Winds will be quite variable, mainly S 5-10kt (F3) in the south, but sea breezes on the coats. Becoming more southwesterly as you head north, to be SW 15-20kt (F5) for northwest Scotland.




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Thanks Simon
more diesel then /forums/images/graemlins/frown.gif

what happens Monday

[/ QUOTE ]

No point worrying as far ahead as Monday with the swine flue scenario /forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif


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what happens Monday

[/ QUOTE ] It's a bank holiday, you know what the weather will be like on Monday /forums/images/graemlins/frown.gif


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Acording to the Beeb, for the south east sunshine & clear skies over the w/end including Monday. showers today, sunny periods tomorrow. We're away up the Wey, we're an adventurous lot, not for us the Southern Oceans, we endure the perils of the R. Wey navigation.. We can't afford an EA licence for the Thames this year anyway (jobless) and SWMBO absolutely refuses to go bumping down the tideway!