Volvo Penta D1-30 Oil pump removal


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22 Jan 2019
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Hi, to cut a long story short I was trying to fix an oil leak on my 2006 D1-30A on the throttle arm, didn´t think it was too much of a big deal, timing cover off, throttle arm out, replace o-ring etc. Put it back together to find the engine wouldn´t throttle up and just idled. Took it apart, realised id broken a spring, ordered the springs, fitted, engine ran perfect. Took it all apart again (just to make sure everything was good to go) and the engine ran away with itself, like it was ungoverned. So I took it apart again and again, and again (and after about 15 times I started it up with the timing cover loose, very stupid I know realise as the oil pump sprocket jumped out and shattered the oil pump). The engine started for about 1/2 a second then stopped so I am not worried about any other damage apart from the physical damage I can see to the oil pump. I am sorry this is long winded and being a novice I now see it was a very stupid mistake to make but its happened, so now I have ordered from key part the oil pump kit with everything included. I am at the stage where I have the cog off the pump and the spring, circlip etc. But I need some advice removing the pump itself. Does it just pull straight out? Or is that too easy. Do I need to remove the plate?

Any help would be brilliant.

Thanks. PS I am new to the forum. I hope this is in the right place.