Volvo IPS / EVC problem


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21 Oct 2012
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Hi all. I hope someone can help.

I took my Bavaria 42 HT out yesterday. I was still in the marina when all sorts of alarms went off and both my digital displays told me I had some sort of EVC problem. What actually happened was that my IPS failed to both engines. I also had no 'normal' steering. So, being a computer specialist (not) I turned the engines off and back on again. Steering back. 10 seconds later, port engine had no steering!

So another reboot and a break for fuel. Since then all seems ok. Still a bit worrying. Any ideas??

Many thanks


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6 Jul 2003
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I had a similar problem on my Volvo EVC/sterndrive system. Volvo engineers couldn't find a fault but it was solved by cable tying all the connectors on the steering system to avoid loose connections.

george unthank

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27 Jun 2012
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I had a similar-wish problem with my regal 2565 .
I got all sorts of info from these forums , but in the end it seemed I needed to get a Volvo mechanic to come and reconfigure the computer system
It utterly galls me that these whiz -kids can charge 200$ per call out and just twiddle. Round with a few keys - making you look ultra stupid - but worse - no sooner have they gone than you can't be guaranteed that some other part of the system wont act up requiring a recall .
Unfortunately I have a suspicious disposition and sometimes wonder - especially when someone is talking above my head and knows it , and I wonder could the '' mechanic/ software owner pre-programme a fault code to go off say in a few weeks time . YES I KNOW ITS PARANOID , but there are a lot of unscrupulous people out there who would think that if you do own an expensive boat then you can afford to send a bit of easy cash their way .
Are EVC 's that incorruptible ?
Will Volvo sell you the software to re-set the computer presuming nothing is wrong or if the system rights itself ?
In the end , and having been told I might have to have to wait up to 2 weeks to have a Volvo operator to visit me I had my car mechanic look at it.
He disconnected both batteries from the system and it worked fine .]ive had it out for about 3.5 hours now and I've got a transient \signal on the dash reading ENGINE ALARM- that's it - you cant wring any more data from the EVC - but each time it corrected itself and much to my relief I got SYSTEM CLEAR signal .
It 's like being pardoned from mortal sin .
But folks - we are no longer in control !