Volvo engine rattle


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16 May 2001
West End, Surrey, UK
Last thursday, we were getting ready to head off for a race and as the engine was on (to cool fridge!) I had it in one click forward attached to pontoon.

We notice a rattle which only occurred in gear, in forward. When in neutral or reverse, nothing.

We got an engineer down who reckoned it was the gearbox/saildrive and the boat would have to come out.

Since then, his boss and him reckoned it was the flywheel but found nothing wrong when they had a look.

They have told us to use the boat but monitor the problem if it gets any worse.

comments ? Ideas ?


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3 Jul 2004
As the rattle is only in forward I would be looking for loose or broken engine mount (s) . Torque reaction of the engine would be one way in forward and the opposite in reverse. Have some one observe the way the engine rocks when shifting from neutral to ahead and look for excess movement.
Also look around engine compartment/ box etc for signs of hitting/ rubbing etc.
Hope this helps.
Regards Ray Jones.