Volvo D3 drive plate unscrewd


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29 Apr 2011
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Hello everyone,

I'm new to this forum, so I hope that I'm not being "politically incorrect" in my request for information .

I own a 2007 sailboat with a Volvo D3 100hp engine. Though I had very few problems with it so far, I started hearing some noises down below last year and after having it checked by a Cantiere (in Olbia), I was told that there was no apparent problem with the gear box itself.

I ordered a full engine revision this April. When I was ready to set off on my first inspection trip, the gear box did not lock at all. Amazingly, the revision was done in full but no one thought of testing the engine!

It turns out that the drive plate was totally unscrewed. The screws had fallen off to the bottom of the gear box. One was broken and the others completely worn off. The photos show the plate before and after we opened the box. Notice the bolts at the bottom. That's exactly how we found them.

I have heard some rumors that Volvo may have changed the Drive Plate and its retaining bolts to get round the problem.

Has anyone had similar issues or heard of any issues like this concerning Volvo Penta engines? I do not want to be in a position of having the gearbox taken out at every service which is quite expensive too. Worse, I do not wish to find myself stranded in the middle of the ocean if this is to happen again.