Volvo 200x Starter Motor...


5 Sep 2001
The starter motor on my Volvo 2001 is occasionally jamming. I haven't managed to figure out any particular cause. It seems to happen randomly about once in every five or six starts of the engine. When it happens you press the start button and nothing happens. I have checked that the solenoid is passing through +12V when it happens so it's definitely the motor and not anything in the starting circuit.

When it happens a light tap on the side of the starter motor with a soft face mallet whilst keeping the start button pressed clears it and the engine fires up.

Any suggestions for cure welcomed. It's a bit embarrasing when it happens in the middle of Southampton Water when a container ship is half a mile away and the wind has died, as happened the other day!




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28 Apr 2003
Hi, I had a similar problem with my 2002 a couple of years ago and when I spoke to the "Volvo agents" I could't believe what they told me!

I took the starter motor off to inspect it, make sure you have suitable alan keys, the size is very large and I had to borrow from a friend (not the usual size) I found that it was actually broken and was amazed that it did somehow work. I took it to a local company in Chesterfield that deals with starter motors and Alternators (a 2 man band) they identified the motor as a Bosch and happily rebuilt it, plus carrying out a mod to which this model should have been subjected to. Drew a plan for my refitting (post mod) and charged me next to nothing. Not only that but he gave me his mobile number to ring him on the Friday night (I travel down to Devon) if I had any problems. As it happens I did have a problem, I rang the number and his wife answered saying "he wont be a minute, he's just reversing the caravan into a space. (caravan park) I'd forgotton in my need to do the job, forgotten it was a Bank holiday weekend and I had disturbed these nice people. It didn't matter, he called me in minutes and we had it sorted.
What a difference! the speed of turnover was remarkable and I think that I had had this problem for a long time before realising.
If you want any more info send us an email. I can always give you the details of this small business. Certainly not marine prices and what friendly service.