Volvo 2003 - has anyone here rebuilt one (block, not just head)


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30 Sep 2015
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I'm rebuilding my Volvo 2003 and, after discovering that one of my workshop manuals (I have a few, by year) contained several errors (piston arrow orientation; piston ring gap; and different specs in two different parts of the manual for big end bearing bolts and main bearing bolts), my mechanic friend who is helping me with the rebuild is quite skeptical of using the Volvo torque specs in the revised/updated manual that Volvo recently sent me - until we have positive confirmation that the specs are correct. So, I'd be really interested in hearing from anyone who has rebuilt the block of a 2003.

The updated/corrected workshop manual that Volvo sent me lists big end bearing bolt torque as 51.6 ft-lbs and main bearing bolt torque as 44.2 ft-lbs. The torques seem odd since the smaller bolt (9mm - big end bearing) has the higher torque, while the bigger bolt (10mm - main bearing bolt) has the lower torque. One would think the thinner bolt would instead have the lower torque, and vice-versa. (One of the earlier versions of the shop manual listed the torques that way - thinner big end bearing bolt/lower torque, thicker main bearing bolt/higher torque in one part of the manual (and the opposite way in another part of the manual!). Confusion!

In short, since Volvo no longer sells these key bolts, and the torque specs are possibly problematic (not helped by earlier manual versions containing other errors too), I would love to hear from others who have rebuilt a 2003 block. My rebuild is at a standstill until my mechanic friend has confidence in the specs to continue.

Many thanks for any help!