vampire outboard staked!!!


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2 Jan 2002
Many thanks to all for the helpful suggestions.

We finally tracked down the problem of our Yamaha two stroke 4 hp that refused to start after dark.

It was not tired fuel but a perished red rubber stop button. This somehow stuck in a closed position when cool or damp.

Fitted a new part and all now works day and night.

Did you hear about the two Irish Catholic nuns, Sister Mary and Sister Josephine, driving through Transylvania late at night in their mini?
Sister Mary turns to Sister Josephine and says, "Oh Sister josephine, Sister Josephine, I am not sure I like this place. I have heard tell about these terrible things they have terrible things here called Vampires that suck the blood of virgins - and we, being the Brides of Christ, are Virgins!"
Sister Josephine replies. "Now don't you be worrying about that Sister Mary, those are only a peasant stories". Whereupon, rounding the next bend, they are hit by a Vampire. It splatters across the windscreen, blood dripping from it's fangs.
"Oh Sister josephine, Sister Josephine", cries Sister Mary, "it is one of those Vampires. What shall I do. what shall I do?"
"Show him your Cross, dear" replies Sister Josephine "show him your Cross!"
"Will you f--- off you bastard", yells Sister Mary.