URGENT - Overdue Vessel???


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3 Oct 2008
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I have serious concerns for the safety of my friend (Ricky White) whom I last had communications with on 22nd June.
He was temporarily in Puteri Harbour (14th June), Malaysia before making way toward the Philipines (Manila area?),
On 22nd June, I received a brief message from him informing me they had anchored for the night in a spot called “Pirate Point” – no specific geographical information.
The vessel name is “Zenity” , a 1993 built Prout Snowgoose 37 Elite (catamaran).
White hulls with green horizontal band (@15 cm wide)
Sails appear to be white with green UV protection band.
Sail covers etc are green

If you could provide me with any contacts to whom I should be directing this query, I would be very grateful as this lack of comms is totally out of character for him. Also, his office has been attempting to establish contact with no success.


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17 Apr 2005
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You may get some news here perhaps?

1. Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (Coastguard)

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You can contact us at:
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Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency,
Prime Minister,
Level 4-11, One IOI Square,
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No. Tel: 603-8995 7000 No. Fax: 603-8941 4000
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No. Tel: 603-89957545 / 7511

No. Fax: 603-89436042

2. Phillipines Coastguard website- contact us

I do hope it turns out well for all concerned

Little Dorrit

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27 Jan 2010
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Hi my wife is living in Manilla at the moment and speaks The language; I would be happy to ask her to go and makes some enquiries or contact local marinas if that helps although it looks like you may have enough feedback already to be satisfied on the safety of yacht and crew. PM me if you want any local help.


10 Jan 2007
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We were anchored in Pirate's Bay Malampaya Sound on the S side of the island in the bay on 21st June left there 24th. Didn't see another boat there at all. We had no internet access either. Philippines navy were patrolling at sea but there weren't any problems as far as we were concerned apart from the weather deteriorating after we left. If the weather was bad maybe he stopped in Kudat at the marina there? Contact number at marina is +60135414738, they may be able to let you know if your friend stopped there .