Unexpected swim!


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24 Feb 2003
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Got back from Portimao to Albufeira after a week there. Was on the hook, so a big fresh water wash down and fill the tanks. Plus the dink had been in the water on a tether for the last coiple of weeks. Pulled it out on to the pontoon and went to turn it upside down, it was covered in little shell things already underneath! Said to Swmbo lets put it on its tips, nose in the air, to wash the sand out first. Did that and then completed the end over end. I was on the underneath side with my back to the hammer head. Shuffled back and to my utter amazement my feet were in thin air! It hadnt even registered! I was in the oggin! Swmbo half laughing "are you ok?"
The youngest first question was, is your phone in your pocket? Ha! Shows where youngsters priorities are!
It wasnt! The water was luke warm! I felt a right twot!