Trouble in the wet end ?


New member
30 May 2001
SW London
I hesitate to say Big End but if I were speaking about a car with rear-wheel drive I think it would be accurate. The "wet end" then.

My 1969 Holman wooden ketch (like a grown-up Twister) has a 30hp Petter diesel, universal joint and an Aqua-Drive. In the past there has always been a small clunk when she goes into gear and a whine at about half revs. It was like that when I got the boat five years ago and never changed so I didn't worry. Until the very end of last season.

Suddenly there was no reassuring clunk when the clogs meshed but she still went into gear okay. No whine at all. And a sinister vibration at about half revs.

I can't check anything until Easter (the boat's in mud in Devon and I'm in London) and I'm wondering what I'm going to find. Any guesses?

Please don't scare me too much!