Trinidad to Panama


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19 Mar 2007
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Troutbridge, a Broadblue 385, will be in the Trinidad & Tobago area from late July this year. Late September (hurricanes allowing) leaving for Grenada and the ABC islands, thence Columbian coast, San Blas islands and Panama around first week in December.
So, looking for crew. Preferably female, non-smoker 45-55. I'll take care of the boat expenses and looking for shared other expenses. Plan on around £250 per month. I'll match whatever you put in. Check out the blog. I'll be 56 in May /forums/images/graemlins/frown.gif, don't smoke but like the glass or two of rum.
Internet is hit and miss out here, so contact via mailasail:
troutbridge [AT] mailasail[dot]com