Trek to the North Pole (Joke)


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15 Mar 2005
East Sussex.
I just saw a news item about an all female team setting off to walk to the North Pole. Good luck to them, but it reminds me about the all blonde team last year that tried to walk to the North Pole. They were doing fine until they reached John O'Groats.

Forgive me if this joke has been on the forum before my time.

Three Texas surgeons were bragging about their skills.
One said "I worked on a man who had lost seven fingers in an accident with a chainsaw. He was a concert pianist, and I managed to get all seven fingers back on. It has taken months of recovery, but yesterday he gave his first concert since the accident."
The second said "I dealt with a young man who lost both legs and an arm in an accident with a combine harvester. I sewed them back on and last year he won a gold medal running at the Olympics."
The third surgeon said "I dealt with a man who was riding his horse when he was hit by a train doing 90mph. All I had to work with was a horse's ass and a cowboy hat, but I managed it, and now that man has been elected President twice."