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16 May 2001
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RE: Travelling with a chainsaw??
Posted by: HydroHarold Hudson Vly NY (My Page) on Sun, Mar 13, 05 at 21:09

A chainsaw should be no problem going as checked baggage. Just make sure it doesn't go over the airline's weight/total size rule. Empty the gas/oil and triple bag it in trash bags (keeps the smell down) and pad it well. You would be surprised what is down there under your seat every single flight!
One suggestion, if you call ahead and ask the airline about this, call three different times. Take the best 2 outta 3 answers, get names and titles of the folks you talk to. You could also call the airport and ask to speak to a NTSA rep. They would have the government's offical stance on items of any kind. (I did this before I travelled with some handguns post 9/11, no sweat.)

I would think the Lumber Jack competitors would be flying with their axes and hotsaws. I would rather travel with it than ship it UPS! They had to pay off $1700 for a toolbox of mine that they lost.