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6 May 2005
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if the ship had blown up, then finding a man on a paddle board would have been the emergency services very smallest worry.

Risks = tiny on the nano scale; consequences = significant; probability = way down towards zero.

He's still an idiot though.


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24 Sep 2003
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So are we saying she is no-longer dangerous or just that one paddle boarder is no threat to her?

On the contrary it would seem - anything could set off an explosion

An investigation by New Scientist magazine concluded in 2004, based partly on government documents released in 2004, that the cargo was still deadly, and could be detonated by a collision, an attack, or even shifting of the cargo in the tide. The bad condition of the bombs is such that they could explode spontaneously. Documents declassified shortly before revealed that the wreck was not dealt with immediately after it happened, or in the intervening years, due to the expense.

The Maritime and Coastguard Agency nevertheless believe that the risk of a major explosion is remote. The UK government's Receiver of Wreck commissioned a risk assessment in 1999, but this risk assessment has not been published. The Maritime and Coastguard Agency convened with local and port authorities to discuss the report in 2001 and concluded that "doing nothing was not an option for much longer."

OTOH, nothing has happened in 70 years....