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21 Sep 2012
Chillington S Devon
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It's good to discover new things and our fishing trip late on bank holiday Monday was a little different from usual, mostly because we are normally out in daylight rather than dusk.

As the sun got low I spotted some white water a little way off and pointed it out to swmbo. We'd been hoping to spot dolphins and this looked like a single animal making it's way towards Prawle Point so we motored over to take a look.

Well, it was moving fast, dipping and surfacing and I needed a fair bit of power to catch up. Slightly disappointed to discover it was only a large pot marker about a foot underwater and it's speed through the water a product of the incoming tide (actually at high tide time)! In the otherwise calm water I'd no idea of the rate we were drifting. Well offshore though.

The second discovery was that navigation lights work well. Having read the theory it was good to see how they work in reality. Making our way back through Salcombe then.

I just hope we get a bit more summer before the season ends.