The unwritten colregs


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7 Jan 2005
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No not the real ones, how stupid would that be, once properly documented they wouldnt be unwritten would they :rolleyes:

I mean the little tricks/tickles you have up your sleeve to help quick exit from your berth to the Ocean or be first to the fuel berth ;)

I once helmed out of Chichester from the lower helm leaving my 5 year old nephew at the upper helm :D

The difference was astounding, all the raggies that usually pretend they havent seen my boat in the narrow channels all spotted my nephew in apparent control , their jaws dropped as they darted out of my way for a change :D

So time to spill the beans, what little tricks do you have up your sleeve or would like to adopt ................

Although a true story this is not meant as a serious post please 'troll away' ;)