The Scotish Trip.


16 May 2001
Any Pub Lancashire or Wales
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And why I'm depressed.

So the anti fouling type bloke says, yer boats going in Monday. So work round that. So then speak to tommy the crain. He says, ok can put you in, but have to move eight boats. Then have no where to put you. I says, well never mind, we will just piss off to Conwy, Ireland anyplace.

So arrives at the marina. Right, your off to Scotland instantly, go right now, no room here. Yer on the fisherys thingy pontoon, he'll be back any minute.

So I struggle down to the berth, blow the new dinghy up, chuck the bags of clothes and things on, and sit down gasping for breath. Ang on, the gates shut and the tides going out. /forums/images/graemlins/confused.gif So being as I could not get out, although it seemed to be my problem, got ushered to another berth. He said it was tight. MF sort of waggled her bum a bit and slotted in. The complications of the egress and the ingress of boats from the North and South, soon had us decided to do an engine service. Then the Weber thingy packed in, never mind we have redundancy built in. Very sencible with a boat. Sheesh, the fan thingy give off alot of heat, doomed by Debs switching the microwave on. Boink every thing off, soon sorted though.

So, winters work. Theres no way you can do all the work, on a decent sized boat. yer self. Well ok if you live next door. But still cant stich or be an expert to all mankind. Engines being easy.