That’s what I call excellent service!!


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1 Feb 2005
Emsworth Hants.
I really have to tell everyone about this impeccable service.

Don’t know if it’s ok to name names, but tuff! They deserve it-big time!

Sorry about the long story, but it is necessary to give you the back ground! Just call me Frank (from Vicar of Dibbly)

I was given 2 Enkes ST winches which were in desperate need of some attention.
Customer had previously tried to DIY and lost bits overboard. Tried to source parts from Holland, but didn’t get anywhere-losing 30 Euros in the process (distributor went under). Gave up and asked me to sort them out.

This all happened in the last 24 hours.

After pulling them apart. I contacted the listed UK distributor, Pro-Boat Ltd on the phone number off their web site and spoke to a Mr. Russell Smith, I duly explained what I needed and asked him to quote pricing so I could inform my customer of the costs! E-mail with pricing arrived within the hour. Cleared pricing with customer. Excellent…sits back and waits for parts to arrive, so I thought!

Mean while, my customer, who obviously had time to reflect on the money they’d lost-quite rightly! Contacted the head office in Spain, who said they would try to sort out what happened to the parts they had paid for……..Customer contacted me and said hold the order until they hear from this guy in Spain.

So, cap in hand, I contacted Russell to hold the order for the time being and explained why.

This morning, I receive and e-mail from Russell, saying he had contacted the head office in Spain, discussed the problem and has arranged for the parts to be sent F.O.C. Including the extras that weren’t on the customers original order.

Yes! The customer has a right to some form of compensation. But Russell took it upon himself to make the call for my customer, whose problems were not with him, or his company and has sorted it out-knowing he will not get a penny for his trouble!

That’s what I call excellent service!! Someone who is prepared to do that little extra to help the customer, which is, unfortunately, a rear thing these days. So credit where credit's due…and a big WELL DONE to Russell Smith of Pro-Boat Ltd ……FANTASTIC SERVICE!!!

I will be writing to Pro-boat and Enkes to let them know what a valuable asset they have!!
Wish there were more like him in this industry!!

And…the parts have already been shipped from!


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20 Oct 2004
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I have had good service from Pro-Boat as well. They go out of their way to help even for a small order, keep their promise and deliver on time. Wish all the boaty industry was the same.