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29 Jul 2001
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It has often been said on this forum that there is no one representative body that can speak for all powered craft owners on the river. The ATYC, NABO, IWA, DBA and other organisations all represent their own membership but there are many more boat owners that choose not to join a club or other organisation.

What is the Thames MotorBoaters Association ?
The TMBA is an association of owners of powered vessels registered with the Environment Agency for use on the River Thames between Lechlade and Teddington.

The TMBA is NOT a boat club or general discussion forum. Its only function is to represent members interests, and provide a point of consultation, with the people who manage the waterway, with particular regard to navigation, moorings and other related issues that affect our enjoyment of the river.

Membership is free but you are required to register as a member as it is important that we are able to identify the membership more formally than anonymous usernames allow.

Take a look at the website and decide if you would like to add your support - I hope you will.

Please note that the TMBA is not a boat club or a forum and will not compete with either. This is the only 'advert' I will place on this forum apart from my signature line. If it's not your thing then please just ignore it.


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12 Dec 2009
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Thanks for the info Tony it seems to offer a platform for comment, may even lead some action if enough people sign up to offer there views / comment