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28 Mar 2003
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MBY are looking for a boat owner to trial Dometic Marine's new In-Duct Breathe Easy Air Purifier.

Dometic are offering to fit the system for free on the understanding that the person writes and photographs a 500 word story for the Tried & Tested section of Motor Boat & Yachting magazine. We would do it ourselves but none of our regular contributors has a suitable boat. That's because the boat needs to be 60ft plus and at least 5 years old with an air conditioning system already aboard. Ideally it will also be in the UK for the fitting, although they may be able to arrange something with an overseas distributor.

Dometic assure us that the In-Duct Breathe Easy system takes up little space and no alterations will be made to the boat’s existing air conditioning unit – it doesn’t have to be a Dometic system. There is no need for any mounting hardware as a section of the A/C ducting is cut out and the circular In-Duct Breathe Easy tube inserted before the ducting is reattached to it.

Dometic claim that: "The Breathe Easy Air Purifier reduces the presence of harmful mould spores and other contaminants and odours by up to 100%. It offers several benefits including the reduction of stuffy, smelly and unhealthy air which may be present in the boat’s onboard living space."

Your job is to let us know if that claim rings true in practice.

To illustrate its effectiveness, Dometic would like to install the In-Duct Breathe Easy Air Purifier to a suitable boat for the owner to try during this summer (April - September 2011) and report back to MBY with accompanying words, photographs and supporting evidence.

On the completion of the trial, the In-Duct Breathe Easy can be kept for use by the boat owner or Dometic can remove it in accordance with the owner’s requirements.

If you've got a suitable boat and would like to be considered for this trial send me a PM with you and your boat's credentials.



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25 Apr 2011
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My PM was rejected previously but was accepted today. Thanks for clearing out your mailbox.
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