Tank monitor - connections to external device


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24 Nov 2008
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Hi all,

I'm looking at the Gobius Pro sensor....I need an externally fitted sensor that will work on a stainless steel tank and this seems to be about the only one to achieve that.

It's purpose is to act as a holding tank "full" sensor...it will of course tell me this over its bluetooth app, but what I'm really interested in is hooking this up to a Raritan Smart Control unit. By doing that, a red LED will illuminate on our flush panel, and the automatic flush option will be disabled until the tank is emptied (manual flush/empty remains working).

The Raritan Smart Control has "float" and "common" terminals for connecting a sensor. From Raritan, there just needs to be a simple closed circuit across these contacts for the "tank full" light to illuminate. No voltage should be applied, the two wires simply need a switch in-line, which should be open normally, and closed when tank is full.

Now the Gobius Pro allows for connection of external interfaces. The Gobius Pro has 4 wires from it :

Red - 24V +
Black - Battery -
Yellow - for external sensor use (tank empty)
Green - for external sensor use (tank full)

To connect an external device (they cite things like relay, buzzer, lamp) according to their instructions, I would use the red and green wires.

Considering the red wire is also 24V+ I'm wary of connecting these to the Smart Toilet Control, for fear of pumping 24V somewhere it shouldn't go.

Can anybody help me in understanding how/if this could work? It seems to me that rather than just being a simple switch, the output of the Gobius actually feeds battery voltage to whatever the external device is...which I guess is not good in my requirement.

If that is the case, is there a way to turn that powered output into a switch signal for the Raritan unit?

Thanks Ben


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29 Nov 2009
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Looks like the yellow or green wire goes to ground when the relevant condition exists.

If you connect the coil side of a relay between the red and green wire, then the switch side of the relay will look like a switch to the Raritan panel.