Swing moorings


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28 Jul 2003
West Australia
Further to my ramblings about our adventure to Rottnest Island. There are many swing moorings in the bays all tightly controlled by the authority and anchoring is frowned upon because there are large beds of sea grass. Seaweed in the form of flat ribbon about 10mm wide growing to 60cms high.
Anyway on examining the mooring we tied to it is in a sea grass bed and apparently has a large weight buried in the sand with a heavy chain attached.
But half way to the surface is a steel ball float holding the chain vertical and keeping the remaining chain to the buoy off the bottom. the effect is no damage to the sea grass. An interestingh contrast to when we use heavy chain to lie on the bottom to provide shock resistance. Makes me wonder why they don't use rope rather than chain. I presume all the moorings are required to be made this way. NB only 30cm tide variation and on this buoy it was on 2 metres deep. look out the greenies. olewill