Suzuki 2.2 outboard.


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13 Oct 2004
S. Hampshire
Having had a Seagull for 25 years, and having not had any problems with winter storage of the fuel, I thought that tales of 2 stoke going off were an old wives tale. The engine gave up in Portsmouth harbour this morning even with newly made up fuel. Having rowed home, I have stripped the engine to find a translucent gel in the carburettor, which was the cause of the problem - presumably due to fuel "gelling" over the winter. Interestingly I have a funnel with a fine mesh filter which catches the gel, and so it looks like the fuel will have to be stored overwinter in a can and filtered before use each start of season


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30 May 2001
East Coast, Woolverstone
I have a Suzuki and as its a 100 to 1 mix I just use the left over fuel at the end of the year in the lawnmower to get rid of it, lawnmower a 4 stroke smokes a bit but is quite happy.

If I've too much left to burn off in mower I use an additive called "Marine Fuel System Treatment and stabilizer" from Quicksilver . Never had any problems at all using this method and been doing it for over 10 years now, the additive keeps the fuel fresh over the winter.