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2 Aug 2004
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Just been Quoted 750 euros for a survey for insurance purposes in Burriana Spain. The surveyor is based in Valencia 40 miles away.
They request contact details of my insurer which sounds strange as this is a survey commissioned by me for my use ( with any insurer)
It sounds pricey. What do you think?


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7 Sep 2018
the Netherlands
The quotation of € 750 is possibly not that ridiculous, depending on the type of survey you need to have conducted.

The compulsorily 5-year survey requirement in Spain, is a different type of survey than a full technical survey.

Furthermore, the price is also determined on factors such as whether the surveyor has to travel from Valencia to Burriana to survey just one boat or more. Last but not least there are, for example, a limited number of surveyors that are licenced to conduct the compulsorily 5-year survey, which also affects the price.

If you would like a second opinion on this matter, you can contact Cristina Pauli of Guiral Asesoría Náutica, of the Guiral Grupo. She will most definitely be able to advice you on any other possible options you might have. Her contact details are :
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