Support for the Winter


New member
30 May 2001
For the first time in six years I will have my boat back in UK for the winter.

Whilst away I either borrowed a cradle or used boat stands to support the boat. The boat is a Nicholson 38.

One year the yard we were in used boats stands and advised leaving the masts up, much to our surprise. All was well.

When in UK previously I used pit props (10 of them and all firmly linked) and despite F10 at Troon had no problems (masts down).

What should I do next winter, boat stands are cheaper than cradles and easier to transport, pit props are the cheapest and provide warmth when no longer needed.

Are there any special insurance considerations?

I would be grateful for any advice. I know the cradle manufacturers will do a hard sell on their excellent products but I favour stands for ease of use and portability.

Many thanks.