Starboard Kad44EDC not going to full revs


New member
8 Jul 2010
Hi Newbie here looking for some sensible advice :) regarding issue with Kad44 engine. I am purchasing a 98 Targa 37 with twin Kads, i had a quick sea trial and all was well with the engines, i then had a 2nd sea trial along with the surveyor who had been in the engine bay prior to heading out. While out and with engines warmed up the starboard engine would not go above 3000rpm, this obviously had an effect on the port engine holding it arround 3200-3400 from memory, i think the supercharger was cutting in and out ok so thinking a potential issue with the turbo.

I met the owner 2 days later and went out again and both engines were sweet, no issues, we headed back in and went out again about an hour later and again no issues both reaching 3000rpm cruising easily and then up to full throttle.

Obviously i'm a little anxious of parting with a good chunk of cash then to find i have a hefty engine repair bill coming up. The surveyor mentioned that the starboard air filter housing clips were loose and he gave this a shoogle, could this have caused the issue as it was fine prior to him entering the engine bay that day then fine 2 days later?

If i get the volvo dealership guys to hook up a diagnostic tool is what happened likely to show anything?

Any advice, ideas, input greatly appreciated, cheers.