Stainless steel Radar / Wind Generator pole mount


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14 Aug 2016
Me in Cowes, the boat back in UK now at St Mawes
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Ebay - Stainless steel Radar / Wind Generator pole mount

On ebay, item no 163618772348

Stainless Steel pole with two side supports, ideal for Radar, Wind Generator, Antennas or similar.
In excellent condition, probably more suited to 12M or larger boat.
Measures as follows +/- 5mm or so:
Total height: 2430mm
Base size: 150mm X 75mm with two countersunk mounting bolt holes
Diameter: 50mm (reduced to 47mm at top)
Height to support rod mounts: 1520mm, they are angled at approx 155 deg looking down from top
Two support mounts, one at 1040mm, the other at 1450mm
A substantial piece of kit, currently in Cowes, could arrange collection from Horndean or possibly deliver in Southampton / Portsmouth area
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