Stability test video


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The mast and sails are lightweight compared to the keel and are probably not significant when testing the righting ability of the hull by the keel. The speed of righting is slow enough such that drag from mast and sails would not stop the hull from righting either.


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6 Jan 2012
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When presented by the kind of wave action that is likely to invert a boat like this, the mast, sails and rigging tends to fold like wet cardboard, so presents little resistance to righting.

What is a bigger problem, any water in the upturned hull increases inverted stability, as does full ballast tanks. But at least they are taking safety seriously, one of these things never sinks just because of a simple collision off cowes.

Also, think on the logistics of an inversion test with rig in the boat, have to have a crane somewhere with 30m deep water, tricky.